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The Swiss Open Government Data Portal,, allows both public administrations and organizations with a mandate from the state to open their data. It proposes users extensive search functions (by keyword search or according to a chosen category or organisation).

According to your needs, we support you in publishing your data openly ​on​, through three different options of the portal.


Manual web form

  • Small amount of data
  • Fixed dataset

One-time update by the publisher.


XML importer

  • Medium amount of data
  • Frequent updates

Automatised one-time update.



  • Voluminous datasets
  • Regular updates

Automation of import process.

Get your own customised solution

If you wish to open your data by your own customised web ​portal or service, we offer you:

Successful projects for happy clients is a fully-fledged and functioning permanent platform for Swiss open government data (OGD). Liip oversaw the entire concept, design and implementation process.

Open Data Zurich

This Open Data Catalogue is a core element for the city of Zurich which provides reliable and easy access to open government data.

ETH Zürich

Open Research Data Platform Switzerland (Beta)

Our pilot project for the FORS Lausanne, the Digital Humanities Lab of the University of Basel, and the ETH Scientific IT Services / SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics offers different scientific communities the possibility to find data outside of their respective institutions, projects, disciplines, and data archives.

World Bank

DDI Extension

We developed a custom CKAN harvester for the open data catalogue, so that national statistical offices can import their data easily using the DDI standard format.

Swiss Open Transport Data is the public transportation data platform in Switzerland, where all data on transportation infrastructures and services are available free of charge (including a scalable public API for real-time data).

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